My Phone Amp

The “My Phone Amp” by Aric Snee is an acoustic amplifier and viewing stand for your iphone 4 or 5 that multiplies the decibels from your phones’ built in speaker and enables you to make and receive calls, face time or skype.   It is freestanding, stable and provides unrestricted access to the home button and positions the screen at the preferred angle for viewing.   It functions perfectly on the nightstand, in the kitchen, living room, or office: anywhere your music takes you.  The bilateral design wraps the room in sound.

The  “My Phone Amp” is designed in the spirit of modernism but handmade in the centuries old tradition of glassblowing.  Aric Snee is the designer and maker of the “My Phone Amp” and he handcrafts each one with exacting precision.  Snee is a Sculptor and Designer who is teaching Neon and light based sculpture at Ball State University, he is interested in the intersection of Fine art, design and industrial fabrication.